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OK, a couple of notes...First, from Russ:  There is a person seeking a partner for the next season.  Please contact Russ @ russ@bbtbass.com for more information.  Second is a note from one of our fellow fishermen:

Thank you very kindly to all my FB friends, family, Ironworkers Local 395 brothers and all my great friends in the fishing community for all your support and very meaningful prayers to God Almighty for the strength to beat this Cancer. You are such a great support staff for me, for without you I would not be able to endure the rigors of this. May God bless all of you in his own way and accept my deepest heartfelt thank you for everything. I would love to give a very warm thank you to my loving wife Trisha for keeping my head up during this crisis for without her my life would be nothing. Again, GOD bless all of you, all my friends. Timmy "Da Weed".Jones, Sr.

The results from the 2016 D & R Classic are in!  Check it out HERE!  Congratulations to Dan and Joe LaFountain on winning the boat!  That in itself was worth around $18,000!

The 2017 BBT Schedule is now available!  Check it out and make your reservations now!

The BBT Classic results are in!  Also check out the pictures and Web Masters Notes!

Rules and sponsors are updated for 2016!

If at anytime you find something incorrect, PLEASE do not hesitate to let me know!  I will check into it ASAP!  Just email me at triplejenterprises@hotmail.com.

Be sure to check the rules for BBT and the rules for the D & R series!  Please note that there are some differences!

Like us on Facebook for many more updates!!!  https://www.facebook.com/pages/BBT-Bass-R-us-Tournaments/240991095940293

There have been many changes this year, so check out the Rules, Entry Form, and of course, our Sponsors!

Make sure you check the Tournament Rules as there have been changes and you are responsible to follow them during the tournament hours!

We are always on the lookout for new sponsors.  If you, or somebody you know, wants to find out more on how to sponsor BBT Tournaments, email Russ at russ@bbtbass.com.

Welcome to BBTBASS.COM!

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